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Join the Challenge: 15 Habits of Great Writers

I’ve enjoyed Jeff Goins’ blog for a while now. I love his style. He knows how to write. Then he put out a 15 day challenge to writers called 15 Habits of Great Writers. Today marks day three of the challenge—but it’s never to late to join. Click on the graphic to the left to find out how.

Being very goal oriented, I liked the idea of a challenge. As I signed up, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was to be an easy challenge—or a “straight-up-the-mountain-without-climbing-gear” type of challenge.

DAY ONE was easy.

Great writers declare that they are writers. It’s as simple as that. Having reached the point where I finally admitted I am a writer, I didn’t feel the need to restate it. (You may want to read my post called I Am a Writer.)

DAY TWO sounded easy at the get go.

Believe. Great writers believe they are writers. We need to believe we are writers. Okay, I’ll admit it. I was a bit disillusioned at that point. I had declared that I’m a writer. I believe that I’m a writer. Can we get to the nuts and bolts? Please? (The Canadian politeness in me had to shine through.)

I think Jeff must have heard me, rubbed his hands together, and thought, “She has asked for it!” … Well, not really. He’s nicer than that. But he did move briskly on from our need to “marinate” on the idea of our being writers to this bold statement:

And just so you don’t think this is all esoteric, you’re going to do something radical. You’re going to get up two hours early and write.

Gulp. Not a little sip or swallow, but a humongous gulp.

Two hours early? Are you crazy!

(Right, the Canadian politeness was in short supply in that initial moment.)

I sat back and pondered the idea. I pondered lunacy. And I pondered the fact that I was even pondering on the idea. Did I even dare consider the possibility? Or did I break the mold, be a non-conformist, and give in to my night owl tendencies?

I read through the comments. Someone had to back me up that waking up two hours earlier bordered on lunacy. I kept reading through the comments.

Admittedly, there were a few that expressed that they were night owls, not the early-bird-that-gets-the-worm type—but most were ready to try the morning thing. I must agree that there is the strange draw of community, of knowing other writers are up writing just when you are!

But the real concept? It’s about commitment.

It’s about not just declaring I am a writer, not just believing I am a writer, but consistently writing.

Not tweeting about it. Not reading about it. Not even facebooking about it. But actually writing.

The dilemma arises. To conform or not to conform? To be a part of the community that arises early and writes—or not to be a part of that community?

Being a night owl, I’ve reached a compromise. I’ll continue to get some writing in at night, but I will commit to experiment with how well the brain juices flow at five in the morning.  I may be pleasantly surprised. 

Who wants to join me? Who wants to be a part of this early morning community? I would love to hear your thoughts on when works best for you to write. If you decide to join the 15 day challenge, I would love to hear that too!

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