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Four Steps to a Customized Amazon Author Page URL

If you have an Amazon Author Page, you’ll want to read on!

1)  Go to Author Central.

2)  Click on the PROFILE tab, then click on ADD LINK next to “Author Page URL.”

3)  You may choose to accept the suggested URL, or make your own. Please note: You only get to create a personalized URL once, so choose wisely!
The URL must adhere to the following guidelines:

– It must contain at least 1 character, but no more than 30.
– Letters, numbers, dashes, periods and underscores may be used.
– No spaces or special characters may be used other than dashes, periods and underscores.
– Profanity is not permitted.

4)  If the URL you type in is available, it will advise you so. Click SAVE.
Your Author Page URL will go live in approximately 30 minutes.
Take a moment to take advantage of the “Share this URL” links. Remember, this is marketing!

Please visit my Amazon author page at:

  1. February 2, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    Thanks for sharing this useful information..worth reading !! Nice blog..

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