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$0.99 Cyber Monday Sales!

Check out these great eBook deals! They won’t last long!

The Huguenot Sword – by Shawn Lamb
$0.99  (Kindle)
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In the time of Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu, when being a Protestant could mean death, The Huguenot Sword roamed the streets of Paris by night, defending those of the young heretical religion. The nobility scorned them as ruffians, to the oppressed Protestants they were a savior, but to the Cardinal’s Guards they were a pestilence needing to be terminated.

The situation becomes desperate when those in power launch a bold plan to destroy the group. One wrong move could prove fatal. But the ordeal of Paris pales in comparison to the possible annihilation of their faith and people at the battle of La Rochelle.

A Murder Unseen – by Rosie Cochran
$0.99 in all popular eBook formats.
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Sandra Ford is at the wrong place at the wrong time. She doesn’t see a murder. She just hears it. It seems like an impossibility to convince the police that it is more than just a figment of her imagination. That impossibility fades in comparison to the unbelievable nightmare Sandra soon finds herself in. Suddenly the police believe someone was killed—and Sandra is the prime suspect!

Dreams Unleashed – by Linda Hawley
$0.99 in all popular eBook formats
Click HERE to purchase!

Dreams Unleashed draws the reader into its intriguing subject matter. It delves into the paranormal. It adds fuel to paranoid concerns of too much government control and invasion of privacy. It also shows that people will only stand for so much before they rebel.

The central figure, Ann, a widow in her forties, appears an unlikely candidate for the anti-government subversive group called GOG. As the story unfolds, we find Ann to be not only a member, but a vital member with paranormal skills honed during her years as an operative with the CIA. The CIA trained her for their own purposes, little knowing they were training her to fight against a country she once defended.

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