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Review of Guardian of Time

GUARDIAN OF TIME by Linda Hawley

The Perfect Sequel to Dreams Unleashed!
A  Dystopian Thriller

GUARDIAN OF TIME is the perfect sequel to DREAMS UNLEASHED. In DREAMS UNLEASHED the author set the foundation for the series to come. The reader is drawn into its intriguing subject matter. It delves into the paranormal. It adds fuel to paranoid concerns of too much government control and invasion of privacy. It also shows that people will only stand for so much before they rebel.

Hawley vividly drew the background, slowly pulling me in, taking me captive to her story. There was action, there was intrigue, but I felt like I was just beginning to pull it all together when the cliff-hanger of an ending left me open-mouthed. It left me hoping the sequel was soon to be released.

GUARDIAN OF TIME takes off where DREAMS UNLEASHED left me with jaws dropped. It’s a fast-paced, action-packed adventure from the get go.  Linda Hawley does an exquisite job of bringing together the mysteries presented in DREAMS UNLEASHED, expounding on them in GUARDIAN OF TIME, while continuing to introduce new elements of intrigue and mystery. The scenes are described in a manner that takes the most visually challenged right there in their mind’s eye. The story line begins to take a more defined direction.

Ann faces betrayal—and unexpected revelations from her past. There is no turning back. Her life is now intricately intertwined with the GOG, an anti-government subversive group. Her mission? Well, I think you ought to read to the book to find out! You won’t regret it!

And after that? Well, Wisdom Keepers, the final book in this trilogy comes out the summer of 2012!

Available at www.amazon.com

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    Thank you for reading and reviewing my books, Rosie! : )

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