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15 Steps to Make a Facebook Page Badge

I love WordPress blogs. The one complaint I do have is the lack of ability to use the standard LIKE BOX to direct people from my WordPress blog to my Facebook Page. WordPress.com blogs do not accept the coding used by Facebook for that wonderful LIKE BOX.

There is a workaround that, though it may not allow people to LIKE your Facebook Page without going directly to it, it does give a one click link to your Facebook Page with enough pizzazz to encourage them to visit it. Of course, why should they like your Page without seeing it anyway?

When they arrive at your Page, it’s up to you to be sure your Facebook Page is inviting, causing them to click on the coveted LIKE button. For more information on creating a welcoming Facebook Page check out the following two articles: What Is a Facebook Welcome Page? and Customized Facebook Profile Picture. And now, for the instructions….

15 Steps to Make a Facebook Page Badge:

1. On your FACEBOOK PROFILE (not Page), scroll down to the bottom of the left-hand column and click on ADD A BADGE TO YOUR SITE.

2. Click on PAGE BADGES at the bottom of the left-hand column. A PREVIEW will be displayed.

3. Click on EDIT THIS PAGE on the far right of the boxed in area.

4. Click on the various combinations to create a FACEBOOK PAGE BADGE that appeals to you.

(i) Under LAYOUT, you can choose: vertical, horizontal, or 2 columns.

(ii) Under ITEMS, you can choose any combination of the following:  Name, Status, Picture, and Fans.

For mine, I chose Picture and Fans only because my customized Facebook Page Profile Picture included all the other information I wanted. (See Example 1)

5. Click on SAVE.

6. Click on the OTHER icon.

7. Click on the CODE shown below the ICONS to SELECT it, then COPY it (CTRL+C) to the clipboard.

8. Log in to your WORDPRESS BLOG and go to your DASHBOARD.

9. In the left-hand column scroll down to APPEARANCE, then under APPEARANCE click on WIDGETS.

10. Under AVAILABLE WIDGETS, click on the TEXT widget. Click, hold and drag the TEXT widget to the desired SIDEBAR at the right-hand side of the screen.

11. Click on the DOWN ARROW on the right-hand corner of the TEXT widget you just dragged to the SIDEBAR.

12. In the TITLE area, type in your desired title.

Since I want to encourage people to LIKE my Facebook Page, I wrote the following for my TITLE: Help Me by “Liking” My Facebook Page! (See Example 2)

13. Paste (CTRL+V) the CODE you saved to the clipboard while in Facebook into the open text area below the TITLE.

14. Click on SAVE at the bottom right of the box.

15. Click on CLOSE at the bottom left of the box.

Go to your blog! Do you like what you see? Remember, adjustments can always be made.

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