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5 Simple Steps to a Snapshot of Your Computer Screen

Have you ever wanted to get a snapshot of your computer screen?
It’s not difficult to do at all!

Follow the 5 Simple Steps Below:

1) Display what you want a snapshot of on your computer screen. For example, for my article called What Is a Facebook Welcome Page? I wanted a snapshot of the my Facebook Welcome Page.  I needed to display that on my computer screen first.

2) Next, press the PRINT SCREEN button on your computer keyboard. It will probably be marked as PrtScn. This will effectively take a “snapshot” of the your screen, pasting it to the Clipboard.

3) Open up the desired program Microsoft Paint (or another graphics program) and then open a New File within that program. If you don’t need a graphic/picture format for the intended use of the snapshot, you can use Microsoft Word, or another word processing program.

4) Paste (Ctrl+V) the snapshot of your screen from the Clipboard into your opened New File.

5) Name and save the file. Depending on the capabilities of your software, you should be able to edit, re-size or modify the screen snapshot. The example below shows the Welcome Page of my Facebook Page, excluding the web browser information.

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