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Customized Facebook Profile Picture

Example A (180 x 540 pixels)

Which one appeals to you most? If you were looking at someone’s Facebook Page, would you be satisfied with a thumbnail picture as shown in Example C—or would you prefer a Profile Picture that looked like Example A or B?

Example B (180 x 385 pixels)


Your Facebook Profile picture does NOT have to be the standard thumbnail size photo as shown in Example C. Facebook gives you a lot more to work with than that! Any picture or design saved as a GIF, JPG or PNG file and measuring at least 180 pixels wide and up to 540 pixels in height can be saved and uploaded. You can design your customized Facebook Profile Picture in any program that will allow you to save it in the formats given above.

Example C


It’s amazing how many businesses have not utilized the great eye-catching possibilities of a customized Facebook Profile Picture. If you haven’t already made yours, design one today!

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