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How to Add an “E-mail Me” Widget

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Have you ever wondered how to add an E-mail Me widget in WordPress? Or maybe you are reading this and wondering what on earth a widget is! If you’re not sure what a widget is, click here on “What’s a Widget?” to find out. After you’ve been enlightened, and are so excited to start using widgets, you can come back here to make your own E-mail Me widget!

Making an E-mail Me widget is not difficult. It will involve needing to type in some HTML code, but don’t let that intimidate you, just follow the step-by-step directions below:

1) Go to your Dashboard.

2) Near the bottom on the left-hand side, click on Appearance, then Widgets.

3) Under Available Widgets, click and hold on Text, dragging it to your Sidebar.

4) Click on the down arrow at the right side of Text to open a text box to work in.

5) Under Title, type “E-mail Me.”

6) In the box below that, type in the following, substituting YOUR email address for the sample shown:

<a href=”mailto:yourname@gmail.com”>yourname@gmail.com</a>

7) Click save, click on the arrow to close the box, then go to your blog and test it out!

The advantage of keeping your e-mail address visible is for those odd times when the link fails to connect to the e-mail program. It gives your readers the opportunity to copy and paste your e-mail address if needed. However, if you don’t want your e-mail visible, you may substitute another phrase—just be sure to keep the first part to create the link! You may substitute another phrase such as “Click here to contact me!” for the last part, as shown below:

<a href=”mailto:yourname@gmail.com”>Click here to contact me!</a>

Now people can contact you directly with any questions. You can check out my E-mail Me widget on the right-hand side of my blog. For those using Blogger/Blogspot, this same coding can be used in the Text/HTML Gadget box.

  1. June 6, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    Another good post – and it is Tweet worthy! 😉 Posting it there now.

  2. June 14, 2012 at 3:20 pm

    very helpful! just added this “email me” widget to my blog. thanks so much 🙂

    – katie

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