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Show/Hide the Kitchen Sink

Always on a quest to learn more, I was skimming through the WordPress help site for new nuggets of knowledge. The words were good, but up to that moment weren’t offering me anything I had not yet discovered.

It was a picture that caught my attention, a picture of the Add New Post screen with way more editing icons than I had yet to see—and that I had sorely missed since moving over to WordPress from Blogger several weeks earlier.

I mean, did I really have to go into HTML to make my paragraphs justified instead of centered, left-aligned or right-aligned? Did I really have to type HTML code to make headers? Obviously not!

How could I have missed the Show/Hide Kitchen Sink icon? Who knows? All I know is, I did. My duh moment has come and gone. I’m pleased to know that the small icon on the Visual screen at the far right gives me the whole kitchen sink of extra options.

With the kitchen sink thrown in, WordPress has an impressive list of posting capabilities, including the following:

  • Upload media in the form of images, videos and audio
  • Insert polls and custom forms
  • Bold, italics, strike-through, underlined and colored fonts
  • Bullets (numbered and unnumbered)
  • Blockquote
  • Right/left-aligned, center-aligned and justified text
  • Insert links and the “More” tag
  • Proofreading abilities
  • A formatting drop-down box
  • Paste plain text or from Microsoft Word
  • Remove formatting
  • Insert custom character
  • Outdent/Indent
  • Undo/Redo
  • Help! (A most wonderful icon!)

Impressive as the list is, I’m a tad surprised by the lack of an option for several of the most basic font types. Of course, should one really complain when WordPress has such a a great free service? Instead, I’ll be thankful there is the option of changing the font type by typing in the html code!

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