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To Self-publish or Not?

There are numerous articles out there extolling the virtues of both sides of this controversial subject. Do you self-publish or not?

Self-publishing holds a stigma as expressed in the following comments:

You weren’t good enough for a publisher.”

“After all those rejections are you arrogant enough to think you can publish it on your own?”

“How can you expect quality from a print-on-demand company?”

And the list goes on–whether from the mouths of others or from your own insecurities!

As writers who have crafted our stories, poured our hearts into them, and then faced the reality of how difficult it is to break into the publishing scene, self-publishing, though having its own limitations, offers hope. But let me warn you, self-publishing is not for the faint-hearted.

Self-publishing offers a unique opportunity to test the waters. Are you brave enough to test the waters? Are you brave enough see if anyone else out there thinks you have something worthwhile to say? Are you brave enough to see if you have a storyline that grabs the reader, holds them to the end, and has then coming back to you begging for more? Self-publishing offers you the unique opportunity to test your product. Remember what I’ve already warned you about, self-publishing is not for the faint-hearted.

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