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The Passion to Write

Pen and Paper

Image by qisur via Flickr (Licensed under Creative Commons)

Writing is a passion of mine. There’s nothing like seeing a mumble-jumble of disjointed thoughts falling from your pen onto the written page, seemingly morphing into clarity by the mere act. Writing forces the randomness of our thoughts to merge, to narrow to a single idea at a time. Writing can bring clarity.

Writing can be therapeutic. By putting our thoughts, feelings, fears, dreams and goals down into the written word, we can begin to sift through them. We can begin to distinguish between the realistic and the unrealistic. We can write our own way from undecided to a clear conclusion. Writing can help to ground us.

Writing can also be just plain fun. You get an idea in your mind. It sits there. You mull it over. The idea grows into a story. The story begs to be written. And the fun begins. Writing can be an outlet for creativity.

Can’t you see why writing is a passion of mine? Is it also your passion?

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